Health Benefits

Vitamingum is a simple and easy way to add valuable nutrients into ones diet. Chewing gum is a great delivery vehicle for nutritional ingredients as it allows for faster absorption into the blood stream via the mucous lining in the mouth scientifically proven!

Vitamin A serves the human cells and is involved in the visual process
Vitamin C is necessary for the maintenance of health teeth, gums and blood vessels; acts as an antioxidant
Vitamin D for strong bones; regulated the absorption of calcium
Vitamin E necessary for muscle functions and stabilises unsaturated fatty acids and cell membranes; can intercept free radicals
Vitamin B1 provides energy and has a positive effect for maintaining the function of nerves
Vitamin B2 for growth and blood formation, and is good for tissue, skin and mucous membrane
Niacin stabilises the nervous system and is involved in the overall metabolism
Vitamin B5 is involved in metabolic processes for energy production
Vitamin B6 helps to utilise proteins and is necessary for the metabolism
Vitamin B12 is essential for cell division and blood formation
Folic acid is necessary for blood formation